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Length of Warranty
The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the buyer, the carrier, ie the day specified on the warranty card (invoice or seller - hereinafter referred to as the warranty card). The length of the warranty period is governed by the applicable provisions of the Civil Code. The warranty period for entrepreneurs is governed by the business conditions or by mutual agreement in the concluded purchase contract.
An exception may be goods sold at a discount, the so-called sale.
However, the warranty does not cover excessive wear and tear of the goods due to improper use by the user. At the same time, it does not apply to normal wear and tear of the goods corresponding to the nature of the goods and the time of their use. The buyer is obliged to deliver the equipment to the registered office of GMcentrum s.r.o. at your own expense.
The method of repairing the device is determined by the warranty provider.
The warranty period is extended by the warranty repair period.

The warranty is void in the following cases
- damage to the goods during transport (these damages must be resolved with the carrier upon receipt)
- violation of protective seals and stickers, if they are on the product
- improper installation, handling or operation, use that is contrary to the user manual
- using the goods in conditions that do not correspond to the parameters specified in the documentation
- The warranty does not cover defects in the device that do not originate in the device itself: especially caused by using the device contrary to the product's purpose and instructions for use.
- The warranty expires in the event of damage to seals, mechanical damage, disassembly, repairs or modifications by unauthorized third parties.
- the goods have been damaged by the elements
- the goods have been damaged by excessive loading or use contrary to the conditions specified in the documentation
- goods damaged by connection to the network not complying with the relevant ČSN
- the goods were returned in incomplete condition
- The warranty does not cover glass parts, batteries, wires, cabinets and materials that are subject to normal wear and tear during the use of the device (eg: tips, tips, carbon brushes).
- Heating parts can only be replaced once under warranty.


GMcentrum s.r.o is not liable for damages caused by non-compliance with the delivery deadline, delivery of goods with parameters other than those listed in the catalog, non-delivery of goods or change in the purchase price. In particular, it is not responsible for production closures, lost profits or indirect losses caused by non-delivery of suitable goods within the agreed period. The above restrictions do not apply in the case of concluding a separate written contract between GMcentrum s.r.o and the customer for a given delivery of goods, in which the delivery conditions and liability in the event of non-compliance would be agreed.
GMcentrum s.r.o is not responsible for the consequences of using the delivered goods contrary to their purpose.

GMcentrum s.r.o is not responsible for errors caused during the printing of the catalog and errors in the technical documentation listed on the Internet.

GMcentrum s.r.o has the right to deliver goods with other parameters than those listed in the catalog, due to this the customer is obliged to check after receiving the goods whether the properties of the goods meet the customer's requirements. The parameters and descriptions of the offered goods in the catalog are for information purposes only and cannot be the basis for a claim for damages. The customer is obliged to take due care so that the purchased goods are handled appropriately and used appropriately.
GMcentrum s.r.o is not responsible for illegal use of purchased goods.

How to make a complaint
The place to file a complaint is GMCentrum s.r.o. , Hrdlívská 238, 273 00 Smečno. The warranty covers all defects in the goods caused by a manufacturing error or a defect in the material used. For goods for which an authorized service is provided in the Czech Republic, the buyer can file a complaint directly in the authorized service center.

These complaint rules come into force on 1 January 2008. Changes to the complaint rules are reserved.

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